Friday, March 11, 2011

Puzzled State of Mind

Right now, I'm kinda puzzled. Today should be the Moral quiz/mid-term which I had started making preparations two days in advance, but it ended up that the quiz was cancelled for the day, and would be brought forward to another date. That was really uncool. I delayed my group's assignment for a week just because of the quiz and right now my plan is totally ruined. Some group members in the Moral Education class were not really cooperating - one of them gave me a weird email address, while the other one did not add me in Facebook as promised. Well, I decided to use Facebook as the site for group discussion. This method worked really well in my PSY 225 group assignment - a proof that Facebook helped me to study well. LOL~

I spent a lot recently. I know that I had a large amount of my savings transferred to the fixed-deposit, but somehow I'm still not used to spend money desirably. There are things that we cannot avoid buying, and these things do not contribute to any pleasure. For instance, purchasing a pack of printer inks for RM129, reloading Touch & Go and paying for petrol were what I did recently. Well, I still need to pay for the entertainment later on, so it's quite costly to me. Spending during outings with my girlfriend is inevitable, but I don't think that I need to have the responsibility to buy her what she wants. Paying for her meals and entertainment are already costly, and this is the reason why I don't entertain her other requests. LOL~ I don't get to buy things I want, because I need to save my money, but do I need to have the responsibility to fulfill your cravings for certain things, you, who take things for granted?

Well, I came across a nice episode of a famous manga, well-known to all of us as an entertaining pastime animation. It's the last episode of DORAEMON!! And this time, this ending is different from the one that we read in the comic. This version of ending is really touching!! I nearly cried when I saw the last part of it!!! Please enjoy, everyone - Doraemon, the anime is probably one of the best treasures during my childhood and adolescence. Brilliant storyline, which comes with an impactful ending.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

JG's Sudden Return - Is There Anyone Who Will Notice This?

Deserted after several years, JG's blog is resurrected with a sudden intention from his owner, JG to revive it. There's no specific cause to this action, and probably he is just curious to find out how many people are still visiting this piece of junk (blog). It seems that he has been sleeping late at night nowadays, although he was trying his best to sleep early a few months ago, and succeeded. This relapse occurred out of a sudden and seems to prolong without any intervention from the infected. Will he be able to recover from this bad health habit, which will lead to a meaningless revival of the blog and heading towards another period of desertification, or will the blog survive??

Stay tune, folks for the fate of this blog and his deranged owner!!